Activ8Math for Students

"Don't study harder; study smarter."

  • High School and College levels
  • Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Diffy Q, Linear Algebra
  • Student-centered approach
  • Research-based learning strategies
  • Support student mindset shifts
  • Non-native English speakers
  • Online tutoring

Rate is $100/hour for instruction/tutoring



“Felicia Darling has been tutoring our daughter in her sophomore year in Algebra 1 A for 3 months and we have been very pleased with her assistance. We moved here in the middle of the school year from Europe and my daughter had to catch up fast. Felicia very quickly understood my daughter’s academic level and adapted the tutoring accordingly. Felicia has a deep insight in the curriculum and we fully trust her ability to tutor the required skills. Felicia addresses current gaps in knowledge and has also taught my daughter strategies that can help her understand and easily solve math problems for the future. Felicia is very flexible and we are comfortable having her in our home. We can highly recommend her.”  -Marianne- Palo Alto, CA

“Felicia Darling has helped my son a great deal with his very challenging math problems ranging from pre-Calculus to Calculus 2. She understands the math deeply — my son said Felicia seems to know the material even better than his teacher, and his teacher is excellent. I’m grateful that Felicia takes a whole-child approach to teaching, and works with my son and me so that we can understand what motivational, organizational, or study skills obstacles that are impeding his progress. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and good humor to the work she does with my son. She is an inspiring person and excellent tutor!”  -M.R.- Palo Alto, CA

This is from the parent of an 8th grade student that went from a C to an A in algebra: “Thought you might want to see this email from [his son’s teacher], because you played a role in an amazing turnaround. Thank you.”  Teacher: “[He] has taken so much responsibility for his work, and has done so well in Algebra class, that he has risen to being one of the top students in all of my Algebra classes. He participates very well in class, does good quality homework, checks his work, and even explains to other students how to solve problems. Earlier in the year, we had talked about him repeating Algebra in high school. Now, I feel he could move ahead and take Geometry.”   -P.C.- Los Altos, CA

Combat Summer Math Learning Loss (past course)

I am offering two six-week, ONLINE SUMMER MATH COURSE/TUTORIALS via Skype and Scribblar. Courses begin during the week of June 22, 2015.

  • Each of the six, one-hour sessions will be limited to two students, so students will be paired with a learning partner–or they can enroll with a friend.
  • These are interactive, problem-based courses that will bolster skills necessary for excelling in Algebra II or Calculus.
  • Algebra II prep will focus on Quadratics and other Algebra I skills. Calculus prep will focus on trigonometry and other Algebra II skills.
  • Activities are designed to shift student attitudes toward a growth mindset and feeling more confident learning mathematics.
  • Activities will relate to Common Core Math, as well.
  • The online format of the class makes it perfect for students who are traveling, but still want to devote time to strengthening their math skills over the summer.

The price is $300 for the six week course. Please submit full payment by May, 30, 2015 to reserve a space. Email me at with questions, to enroll or to try out the online format. Check out flyer, here. OSMTC Flyer