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Teachin’ It!, by Felicia Darling, is a practical guide to research and strategies that support first-year college students–especially students underrepresented with four-year degrees like students of color, first-generation college students, English learners, and students with disabilities. Instructors will explore key education theory and neuroscience that illuminate why their classroom strategies are so powerful. Also, Teachin’ It! will inspire instructors to experiment with new moves that break down learning barriers and improve access for all students. Teachin’ It! will be out on bookshelves in January.

Teachin’ It! promotes instruction that fosters engaging, interactive learning environments in which first-year college students from all backgrounds feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, share their unique approaches to learning, and develop identities as powerful life-long learners and professionals.

Contributing authors are: Dr. Victoria Rodriguez, Dr. Michael Washington, and Dr. Luz Garcia.