Felicia Darling, PhD

Felicia has a PhD in Education from Stanford University and a Fulbright Scholarship for her ethnographic study that explored innovative approaches to solving math problems in a Yucatec Maya community in México. Her research articles and books focus on equity, trauma-informed practices, and practical ideas for making the world a more just and compassionate place. Felicia is a participant observation researcher, which means she is skilled at participating in events while simultaneously documenting them objectively. Also, she is a first-generation college student and ethnographer. She draws from her professional expertise and personal experiences to tell her own and others’ inspiring stories of trial and triumph over adversity in her books. In her upcoming book,  Empathy Unchained, Felicia documents her own journey of using trauma healing therapy and other innovative, invented approaches to become more empathetic and live more fully in the present. Her work has been highlighted in Education Week, The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed, and WAMC Northeast Public Radio. Felicia speaks on topics including anti-racism, trauma-informed instruction, equity, and teaching approaches that build on students’ lived experiences. Currently, she is a tenured math instructor in the College Skills Department at the Santa Rosa Junior College.

We don’t have to wait until we are perfect to make the world a more just and compassionate place. In Empathy Unchained, Felicia shares her own and others’ strategies for resolving past hurt, and in the process, becoming more humane beings. Also, she breaks down the research behind effective trauma resolution therapy. In Teachin’ It! Breakout Moves that Break Down Barriers for Community College Students published by Teachers College Press at Columbia University in 2019, Felicia highlights innovative ideas for facilitating inclusive, equitable, active learning. Felicia illustrates her books with the insightful, unhinged cartoons from her Professor Funnies©.


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