There’s no time like the present to be present… and create a just and compassionate world! 

We can uplift the world by healing ourselves first. In Empathy UnchainedHeal Your Trauma, Uplift the World, Felicia tells her own and others’ stories to motivate readers to improve both their personal lives and the broader global community. She offers actionable roadmaps to redefine our past, live more fully in the present, and follow our true calling. Her Empathy Unchained DEIA Conversation Deck can be used in Empathy Circles to help us create inclusive, empathetic organizations and communities. Teachin’ It! Breakout Moves that Break Down Barriers for Community College Students offers instructors innovative strategies to reach and teach all students. Her books are illustrated with cartoons from her untamed, Professor Funnies©.

Dr. Darling teaches social justice precalculus at UC Berkeley Extension and Spanish/English GED math at SRJC— merging her passion for education with her drive for social change. As speaker, writer, and researcher Felicia delves into inclusion, belonging, mental health advocacy, empathy, and math education. Her mindfulness teachings, which include meditation, Empathy Circles, her signature Little Points of Light Body Scan©, and yoga are a testament to her holistic approach to well-being. Marked by resilience and ambition, Felicia, a first-generation college student, at age 55 earned a PhD in Math Ed from Stanford University and a Fulbright for her ethnographic study in a Yucatec Maya village. Her groundbreaking work has been spotlighted by prominent platforms including  Inside Higher Ed, Education Week, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, and Chronicle of Higher Education. 

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