Teachin’ It! Youtube Channel

Check out my Teachin’ It! Youtube Channel where you can pick up high-leverage strategies for teaching community college students. I interview instructors from Santa Rosa Junior College and other professionals who care about equity, active learning, group learning, and empowering students. Walk away with strategies that you can try the next day in class.


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VIDEO: Making Cultural Assets Count: Funds of Math Knowledge in Yucatec Maya Math Classrooms

The wealth of cultural assets that minority students and students with fewer socioeconomic resources bring to the classroom are frequently undervalued and overwritten. If we continue to ignore these students’ assets, we perpetuate the larger system of inequity. How can we make sure that we illuminate the assets of all of our students in our classrooms? This presentation illustrates the problem and offers some solutions. If you would like to watch this presentation on my research in a Yucatec Maya village, then check out the video from the SRJC Arts and Lecture Series from September 24, 2018. You could show parts of it to students in a math, anthropology, education, or equity course.



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Making Cultural Assets Count…

How can we help students do better in math? Maybe we can shine the light on student assets during class instead of overwriting student autonomy and creativity by using canned curriculum. We should encourage students to experiment, explore, and express their unique approaches—especially students who have distinguished themselves by coming from a community with exceptional autonomy and improvisational expertise, like the Yucatec Maya students in this study.

Attend or Zoom in to my talk about my research, Making Cultural Assets Count: Funds of math knowledge in a Yucatec Maya village and middle school. It happens as part of the SRJC Arts and Lecture Series on Monday, September 24, 2018 in the SRJC Newman Auditorium from 12:00 to 1:00pm. It counts a PD flex at SRJC, too. To join the Zoom webinar, click:  https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/356294367  (Webinar ID: 356 294 367). SRJC Arts and Lecture Series  https://arts-lectures.santarosa.edu/

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SRJC Arts and Lecture Series presents Making Cultural Assets Count: Funds of Math  Knowledge in a Yucatec Maya community and middle school by Dr. Felicia Darling.

I will present on my 6-month, ethnographic study in the Yucatán (lots of pictures). The wealth of cultural knowledge students bring to all of our classes is remarkable. This study highlights community knowledge and innovative, everyday problem-solving approaches that students bring to math class. This is on Monday, September 24, 2018 in the SRJC Neuman Auditorium from 12:00 to 1:00pm. It counts a PD flex at SRJC.


https://arts-lectures.santarosa.edu/              www.feliciadarling.com

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New videos on Teachin’ It! Youtube Channel

Dan Munton, SRJC math instructor in the Math Department; Juan Soto, electrical engineer and former SRJC student; and Carlos Valencia, math instructor in the College Skills Department at the SRJC discuss strategies to reach all students. Please watch the videos and subscribe to the channel. Next week, podcasts will be available

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Hear about new strategies and approaches on the Teachin’ It! Youtube Channel

If you are interested in seeing community college instructors talk about their amazing strategies and practices, I have just launched my Teachin’ It! Youtube Channel. By the end of this week, I should have another five videos. There is expertise all around us:) Let’s share it to help more students succeed:) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0PEwHT99FuZgJs4mvu81aw


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Online Tutoring to Combat Summer Math Learning Loss

Combat Summer Math Learning Loss

  • I will be teaching all sessions
  • I am offering two six-week, ACTIV8 MATH ONLINE SUMMER MATH COURSE/TUTORIALS via Skype and Scribblar. Courses begin during the week of June 18, 2018.
  • Each of the six, one-hour sessions will be limited to 2-3 students, so students will be paired with a learning partner–or they can enroll with friends.
  • These interactive, problem-based courses/tutorials will bolster skills necessary for excelling in Algebra I or Algebra II in 8th grade or high school.
  • Activities are designed to shift student attitudes toward a Growth Mindset and feeling more confident as competent math learners and mathematicians.
  • Activities will utilize the Common Core Math approach and the 8 Mathematical Practices.
  • The online format of the class makes it perfect for students who are traveling, but still want to devote time to strengthening their math skills over the summer.

The price is $500 for the six week course. Please submit a $100 deposit by April 30th to reserve a space. Full payment is due by May, 30, 2018. Contact me at fdarling@alumni.stanford.edu or 707.483.5113 with questions, to enroll, or to try out the online format. Students will need a tablet and pen to take online courses.

To find out more… http://feliciadarling.com/math-coaching/


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I will be on Ben Woodford’s Radio Show, Modern Education on March 16th

Dr. Felicia Darling will be a guest on Ben Woodford’s live radio show, Modern Education, on Stanford’s KZSU. Please, tune in Friday, March 16 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at 90.1 FM or http://kzsu.stanford.edu/live/.

 Discussion topics may include: 

  • disrupting systemic inequities at the classroom level
  • cultivating a Growth Mindset math classroom in a CA Community College
  • first-generation and low SES college students
  • Felicia’s research on cultural assets in a Yucatec Maya math classroom
  • autonomy and improvisation in the math classroom
  • real-life math problems to support student success
  • sociocultural and constructivist approaches to math instruction
  • ACTIV8 Math, Felicia’s instructional and professional development model 
  • asset-based professional development (PD) for K-14 instructors


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