Empathy Unchained Book and DEIA Conversation Deck coming in March

Pre-orders for the Empathy Unchained DEIA Conversation Deck and Empathy Unchained book available soon!

Don’t wait ‘til you’re perfect to change the world! Empathy Unchained: How imperfect beings can create a perfect world comes out in March. This is a self-help book that is not just about helping ourselves. It offers practical strategies and ideas to untether ourselves from our past hurts, dismantle systemic inequities, and follow our true norths in order to actualize our full potential to create a more humane world. The world is brimming with injustice, hate, conflict, despair, violence, greed, apathy, and other reactive beliefs and behaviors that do not serve the highest purpose of humankind. We create this world every day. Our thoughts legislate our behaviors, which ripple outward to influence others. We can be keepers of the status quo or we can be powerful agents of positive change.

In Empathy Unchained, I draw from my expertise as a researcher to document my own ten-year journey to resolve a backlog of 50 years of trauma—and also tell the stories of several everyday empathy heroes. While many self-help or spirituality books avoid mentioning race, poverty, or discrimination to avoid turning readers off, Empathy Unchained intentionally includes discussions about structural inequity and implicit bias in order to turn readers on. This is done both to amplify the voices of those who are under-heard and to help us become more empathetic toward those whose struggles are radically different than our own.

Dr. Fred Luskin, author of Forgive for Good and Director of Stanford Forgiveness Project, says about the book, “This book seeks to give the reader hope for having a better past, so they can live more fully in the present, as a more humane being. These life affirming goals are endlessly needed by human beings, generation after generation, and this book by Felicia Darling provides a roadmap now towards those ends. Felicia contributes the fruits of her work on her herself and her community. She shares her hard-earned wisdom with us in this helpful book. She shows herself to be an excellent guide to help us develop our unique path, to heal past hurts and grievances and become agents of positive change in the world.”

Start DEIA conversations to help your organization achieve goals around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. with the Empathy Unchained DEIA Conversation Deck.


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